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About Us

À propos du parfumeur

La Fleur by Livvy a été fondée à l'été 2013 par Olivia Larson alias Livvy dans le Colorado, aux États-Unis, qui est une parfumeuse artisanale autodidacte. Chaque parfum est fabriqué à la main en petits lots et sont des parfums naturels à base de plantes.

Puisque les ingrédients principaux sont dérivés de fleurs et de plantes, par conséquent, le nom «La Fleur» ou «La Fleur». "Mon amour pour les fleurs m'a amené à créer une ligne de parfums utilisant ce que la nature a à nous offrir. Mes parfums ne sont pas destinés à submerger la présence dans la pièce. Ils sont destinés à accentuer mais pas à emporter le porteur. Ils sont doux, subtile et sensuelle ".

Où le voyage a-t-il commencé? Qu'est-ce qui t'inspire?

"Souvenirs de mon enfance en Inde: de femmes indiennes sur la place du marché avec des guirlandes de jasmin parfumées dans leurs cheveux. L'odeur de l'attar, des tubéreuses, des eaux de rose et des bâtons d'encens de bois de santal flottant dans l'air pendant qu'elles brûlent. Les diverses fleurs qui fleurissaient la nuit, l'odeur de la terre après la pluie par une chaude journée d'été. L'odeur des feuilles de menthe fraîche écrasées en jus chez un vendeur. Les fleurs de frangipanier (plumeria) qui poussaient à l'extérieur de notre maison près de la fenêtre de la chambre de ma grand-mère. "

Nos parfums concernent les voyages et les voyages. La Collection «Fleur» raconte le parcours d'une femme dans la vie, ses rêves et ses aspirations, sa foi, son innocence et sa séduction. C'est la première série de parfums créée.


Notre logo représente la déesse féminine en chacun de nous et l'abondance de la terre mère dans la nature

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Girl Mission

Elephants & Me

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide perfumes created with 100% botanical ingredients. Our primary focus is more on what’s inside the bottle using high-quality natural raw ingredients, organic and rare when possible while sourcing these materials ethically from around the world to the best of our ability. We also use Organic Alcohol.


Since our conception back in 2013 we ONLY offered All Natural Perfumes but in Aug 2020 we realize that not everyone wants a Natural Perfume and that many fragrance lovers enjoy perfumes with more sillage and longevity for example.  Whilst Mixed Media Perfumes are controversial for some; we are keeping our formulas as high as possible within the 80-90% range of using the same botanical raw ingredients blended together with a small percentage of  synthetic musks that are phthalate & paraben free.

We will never use REAL Animal Musks.  We are Animal Cruelty-Free.


Our packaging is made with Eco-friendly labels and boxes, high-quality recyclable glass bottles designed to satisfy our customers. 

Whilst the skin is the biggest organ of the body and what you spray on it matters, so if you wish to enhance your holistic experience and improve your overall lifestyle, we invite you to try our "100% Natural perfumes".  Flowers are divine and we believe in the true quality of nature but if this is not for you, please try our Mixed Media perfumes; we are not here to judge your choices or lifestyle. 

Finally, we promise to work hard to serve you and maintain excellent customer service.

Thank you

La Fleur by Livvy

Meet The Team


Andrej Babicky,
Perfumer & Nose

I graduated in Theater Critique and Philosophy. During my studies, I began to be interested in design and everything regarding the sense of smell.  After a few years, I studied Natural perfumery at Natural Perfume Academy, where I continue to collaborate as a tutor. I obtained certification as a natural perfumer by the International Perfume Foundation and won the New Luxury Award 2020 for best natural perfume in Paris in January 2020.

I am now collaborating with Olivia on a new perfume that will be launched soon. The first of many more to come.

Lisel headshot.jpg

Lisel Villemaire
"Girl Friday" aka Marketing Manager & PA to Livvy

I recently graduated with an Associates in Engineering Technology and I’m currently finishing up my Bachelors in Engineering. I love creative pursuits in all forms and consistently find new hobbies to try. I love exploring and traveling to new places and finding beauty in the simpler things in life. 

At La fleur, I mainly focus on marketing and helping Livvy out with projects. I love that we collaborate on boxes, labels, the social media feed, and so much more. I get unique projects that encourage me to grow while having fun together. My favorite perfume is Fleur de L’Amour because of its subtle sweetness. It brings me fond memories of spending time with Livvy when I was younger and the sweet adventures we have. 


Keane Karnan
V.P. Production

I am a Colorado native, avid mountain biker.  A Culinary Graduate from Mesa State University. I love Italian and Asian Cuisines. I enjoy the cross over from flavors to smell. I currently work as a Director of Nutritional Services at a local retiree facility, Chocolatier and owner of Dirty Lil Cacao Single Origin Bean to Bar chocolates and in spare time work behind the scenes assisting with production and at trade events where I get to meet our customers in person.  

"Scent is nostalgic and time travelling at the same time". 


Cubby Bears,
LFBL mascot 


Makenna Livingston

Hi everyone, I am the LFBL mascot and purrfumer, Cubby! 

My job includes sniffing, greeting everyone at the studio, and having a paw-sitive attitude. I love dressing up and going out. Sometimes the puparazzi likes to take photos of me in my costumes too. My favorite band is “The Beagles” and I love the poetry of “William Shakes-paw” just like my owner.

I’m so happy to be part of the team here at La Fleur By Livvy. Our owner just took the next step to become animal cruelty-free certified! 


Come visit our re-tail store soon! Pugs and Kisses- Cubby

coming soon

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