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Impressions Collection

This Collection is a Homage to Artists especially Impressionist Artists who settled in France. I call them the Rebel painters/artists because they came up with their own brush strokes and styles.  They rejected Renaissance perspective, balanced composition, idealized figures, and chiaroscuro. Instead, the Impressionists represented immediate visual sensations through color and light. In some ways, I feel like a rebel artist (perfumer) going against mainstream perfumes that are full of synthetics and often harmful ingredients. I chose to work with naturals instead... drawing light on these subtle beauties as they evolve and have depth like paintings, as an Artisan perfumer I can choose my materials as well as define my standards and goals. I focus on sourcing naturals, organic, wild, and rare ingredients.  My packaging is also recyclable.  I am self-taught, self-funded. No hype just an artist with a soul filled with passion.


I admired their passion, their zest to continue to paint despite not making a living but their art would soon become an inspiration to all.

Impressionism, the leading development in French painting in the later 19th century and a reaction against both the academic tradition and romanticism refer principally to the work of Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and other artists associated with them, such as Camille Pissarro and Alfred Sisley. They banded together to exhibit their artwork.

Why I pick Monet to start this Collection? Monet is recognized to be one of the founders of Impressionism, and he was the most constant and convinced of all. Since his beginnings as an artist, he was encouraged to always listen and transmit his perceptions, and all criticisms which he had to undergo never did move him away from this search. Drawing inspiration from his art and gardens at Giverny, France.


The term impressionism was derived from a painting by Claude Monet - Impression: Read more about Impressionism here.

I am very pleased to announce our newest release “The Other Side of Me which we are nick naming TOSOM” for short. .  This will be the 2nd fragrance in the “Impressions Collection” and we are celebrating the Impressionist painter, Mr. Frederic Bazille who played an important role during the movement's formative years. 







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A Walk In Giverny is a very soft, rush of delicate garden flowers, earthy, slight sweetness, green and spicy elements, musky nuances, unisex, it leans more feminine, Chypre floral fragrance.

This would be amazing in the Spring and Summer, I get average projection and average longevity, this is one of Olivia Larson's best works, a perfect walk through a French Garden as the morning breaks,

5/5 Stars... Joseph Sagona

 Sebastian Jara's video!

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